EMOsConnections Features Jenné Claiborne – The Nourishing Vegan

JenneClick this link to listen to the show now. As some of you may well know, a large part of my commitment to knowing myself has been my interest and willingness to become a student of Mother Earth, Nutrition and come to a clearer place of understanding my relationship to food. I wanted to begin with introducing you to a dear sister in NY who has amazed me with many of her recipes. Join me on Wednesday at 5P EST when our guest, Jenné Claiborne will fascinate your taste buds and your interest in bringing and blending healthy flavors, delightful colors, fantastic aromas and more to shift the routine and spark adventure in your kitchen.
Jenné is a vegan personal chef and health coach based in New York City.  nourishingShe founded The Nourishing Vegan as a way to share her passion and talent for tantalizing cuisine, and balanced living with busy health conscious New Yorkers. Her foodblog Sweet Potato Soul was created as a way for her to share her immense passion for food, while deepening her instincts and skills in the kitchen. Coming from a family of fantastic home cooks who utilize love as their signature ingredient, she certainly adds a lot of heart and soul to every dish she has the privilege to create for her hungry clients. In addition to founding The Nourishing Vegan and the Sweet Potato Soul blog, she is also the star of her own  online cooking show. The show can be found on Youtube and her blog.