Emzingo – Transforming Leadership and Social Development

Emzingo logoRamon Marmolejosa, Executive Director and his team aims to change the way people view the world through transformational experiences and doing business and life differently. EMO’s Connections wants to explore the who, what, when, why, where and how of this group that calls themselves Emzingo.emzingo1 Click this link to listen to the show.

Emzingo is a hybrid leadership and social development company that provides participants with a transformational experience through social impact. Emzingo matches graduate students with amazing non-profit consulting/technical assistance projects in emerging markets and reinforce this with an innovative leadership curriculum based on action learning, coaching, and reflective practice.  To inspire responsible leadership, Emzingo prepares individuals to seize global opportunities, and connects business to the citizen sector, maximizing the long-term value for society. Emzingo “We are the personal development company”.

Inspire, Prepare and Connect…let’s talk about how they do it. Bring your questions!!! Click this link to listen to the show. We appreciate your comments