Success Flows From The Passion: Melissa Maxwell

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Melissa Maxwell is a director, writer, actor, filmmaker, teacher, motivational speaker and so much more. She will be appearing as our guest on EMOs Connections, July 3, 2013 from 6P – 7P EST on She is recognized for her talented acting appearing in film, television shows, commercials; presentations at TED Talks, consulting and teaching at several schools of art and production companies, performing in dozens of theaters, winner of awards, national and international acclaim and producer and director of Fetus Envy among many different projects. Join us as she tells you why you don’t have to live a life of resentment and regret. Join us as she assists you in getting beyond “one day I’m gonna” and the rejection of “I wonder if”. Allow her passion to ignite that which is within you. We want to know more about this passion. Did she always have it? Where does this confidence come from? What is she working on now? What are some upcoming projects…and don’t forget about Fetus Envy! Join us and bring your voice to the connection.

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The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste: Body Follows Mind

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Is it possible that a school would pass students forward to ensure meeting a legislative mandate when those students cannot master their grade level? How can parents reconcile that their children are not prepared for the academic, social and economic challenges ahead? One parent states, “I work all day, have two other children at two different schools, a child in childcare and a husband to drop off and pick up each day. I’m doing the best I can to support my child and it is the school’s fault. My child was not having problems until she came to your school.” There are other parents in the same position whose children are doing quite well. What is the difference? Is there a correlation with the level of involvement of parents with the school and the success of their children? Are there things parents can be doing to better help their children? How do we move beyond blame, take responsibility and support our children? Hear from parents, a teacher and an educator on what they do and recommend. A special segment of this show will also include the impact at the junior college level when the work is not done in the early grades. Matt Layton, M.Ed., Certified Reading Specialist and Currently 4th Grade Teacher, Ebony Thomas, Admissions Coordinator for the School of Health Professions and an Adjunct Faculty Member, and Parents of “Real” Students join as our guests. Emilio Williams, Dean of Student and Family Life, is your host.

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ADHD on Emos Connections

Welcome to Emos Connections: Making A Difference. Check back in a few days as we are just beginning. Our first broadcast aired Tuesday, November 15, 2011t at 8 p.m. EST. Click this link to check out the show.  Do you come to a point where you cannot take anymore and yet you realize that it is your child and that you cannot give up? Have you misjudged kids who have problems they cannot work out alone? What do parents need to know? How does the challenging behavior of children with Attention Deficits and/or Hyperactivity Disorders manifest and are there answers? Is it an excuse, developmental disorder, medical problem, misdiagnosis or all of the above? Do strategies exist that can help move beyond frustration? How do parents step away and take a break. How has the impact of diagnosis and medication affected the problem? Join me as my guest, mother of a child with special needs, over 25 years of experience working with children joins us and puts a face to the challenges our children, their parents, teachers and communities face.

Our Blog will continue to provide the results of new connections…making a difference.

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