Following Your Dreams: Botanicals, Being the Change

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There is FOCUS needed to follow through on what you initiate and dream up during your time of breakthroughs and expansion. Even if you can’t quite determine what happened for you in July, everyone was affected by an expansive energy and it just may take time for the understanding to settle in. But that is what August is all about. The support for Following Through gives you an opportunity to participate in what is unfolding in your life and to actually enjoy the more organized and solidly grounded energy.

AWBfinalKim spent 20 years as a nonprofit leader coaching emerging nonprofits and community groups as they’ve formed, developed, and taken action. She co-founded Leading From Within and the Courage to Lead program for nonprofit leaders to nurture other nonprofit leaders in their professional and personal lives so that they can bring the gifts of leadership to whole-hearted service for others and the world. Kim also facilitates the Healing Circle Community and on-line communications for Ancient Ways Botanicals. Kim brings with her 25 years of managing non-profit businesses and supporting non-profit leaders. She is an experienced educator and facilitator, having been trained as a life and professional coach and prepared by the Center for Courage and Renewal as a Circle of Trust facilitator. Kim provides life coaching for those who are on a journey toward greater wholeness and connection in their lives, helping individuals rise to their highest potential and bring their greatest gifts to the world. She is a graduate of the University of California, Santa Cruz and holds a teaching credential from California State University, Chico.Kim also fulfills orders.

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The Ongoing Work Of Sustainable Community Development

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More than a decade since the end of an eleven-year civil war, Sierra Leone has transitioned successfully from a nation in conflict to a peaceful, stable and working democracy. Critical support remains needed especially on the rural community level. Some of the priorities include: infrastructure, agriculture, female empowerment, education and health.

Slide1Retired Major General, USA, Fredric H. Leigh, Executive Director of the Taia Peace Foundation and COO, KTA Global Partners, LLC shares his heart and passion and the drive to be part of the solution in Sierra Leone. Fred retired after 31 years commanding Infantry units and serving at high level Army and Joint Staff positions.   He has served as a senior executive at a public policy think- tank, and as Executive VP for the International Trust Company in Monrovia, Liberia.  He is a partner in KTA Global Partners, LLC, a management consulting firm. His education includes a BA in History, a MS in Journalism, and a MMS in Defense Public Affairs. He has attended numerous executive development programs sponsored by the Harvard JFK School of Government, the University of Chicago, and the Center for Creative Leadership.

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Valerie Hegarty: Live & IN-Gauged

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What an honor and jot it is to introduce Valerie Hegarty to you. Valerie has held many solo and group exhibitions all across the U.S., London, Copenhagen, Portugal, Italy and more. She has received numerous awards, has an extensive bibliography, shared her work in public collections; serves as a visiting artist, conducts classes and workshops, participates on panels, committees and more. Tonight she will share her heart and passion with you.

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Scientific Evaluation of Meditation, Sahaja and Mental Silence

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Ramesh ManochaDr. Ramesh Manocha, MBBS BSc (med) PhD is a GP, educator and researcher. He completed his undergraduate medical studies at the University of New South Wales. His PhD was completed at the Royal Hospital for Women and focused on the scientific evaluation of meditation and the mental silence experience. Ramesh is currently a senior lecturer at the Department of Psychiatry at Sydney University and is also the founder and convenor of Generation Next, a national circuit of professional development seminars for education, health and welfare professionals. He also chairs a major series of seminars around Australia focused on family medicine that feature topical issues in clinical practice and public health issues relevant to primary health. Your donation or contribution to the show is appreciated. Click this link to make a donation/contribution to the show.

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10 Minute Meditation