Do You Believe Children Are Our Future? Invite All Concerned

Click this link to listen to the entire show. Something happened when I began working every day directly with young people. Up until that time I only had insights into watching my grandchildren grow, develop and navigate the world. I would look at other children and wonder how they make it; what their lives must be like, what resources do they have available? Then I began to become acutely aware of how many of them do not feel safe at home, safe at school; how many of them who may be basically raising themselves; how many of them that may be carrying the baggage and legacy of those who brought them here. There are many more beacons of light than one could imagine. My message is to focus on the light but even in the midst of what you may perceive as darkness there is possibility and there is great beauty. Many times when you ask a child why and they tell you that they don’t know…they are being 150% honest with you. We must figure it out together. Tonight’s Special Guest: Jerry Flemming, Concerned Parent, Youth Mentor, Street Saavy, On-Point Man, Brother and Friend; joins us on October 4th for the first in a series of candid dialogues regarding the state of our youth: who they are, where they are, why they are – going through many of the challenges they currently face in simple day-to-day living, functioning and their own personal growth. Author of an upcoming book entitled, The Animal In Me, will begin to share personal insights on how we can be a true village and understand what it takes for our youth. Father’s Rock, a local youth development organization, located in Baltimore is one that he commits significant time to and you won’t want to miss this show.